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Was I invited?

Today I was doing my Bible study ‘He Speaks to Me’ by Priscilla Shirer‘ and I came across a part that really struck me.  It was about emotion and how we can get really excited about things and allow our emotions to get in the way.  It talked about how sometimes we got so caught up in our emotion that we may say yes to a project that the Holy Spirit hadn’t planned for us to participate in at that time.  You can Read the rest of this post by clicking here and you will be directed to my new blog A Journey to a Masterpiece.  While your there please sign up and follow my new blog, this blog will be deleted soon.  

Church on the Beach

I took these pictures last Sunday morning while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.
I couldn’t go to church that day because we had to catch an early flight home. Since our resort was on the beach I decided to go down to the beach to watch the sunrise. As I watched the sky change from dark to light I could feel God’s presence surrounding – to continue reading click here

Music Monday – The Story Teller

Hey all!

I have been in Dominican Republic for the past few days and just got home last night.  Today has been a busy day catching up on laundry and other life things.  I was just getting ready to go to bed and remembered that today is Monday and I have one hour left to get my Music Monday post in or it will be Music Monday on Tuesday again like it was last week!   If that happens again I may have to just forget about having Music Monday and instead have ‘Tune Tuesday’  as Wally suggested last week.

Sorry to be in such a rush but its almost Tuesday! So I better get posting.. The song that moved me the most this past week is The Story Teller, but to hear it you will have to head on over to my new blog home  by clicking here -> ‘A Journey to a Masterpiece

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