8 Kids

Today was an interesting day.  I held  my first Compassion Sunday event at my church. It was one of the most out of my comfort zone things I have ever done in my life!  I do not like speaking in public at all!  I kept saying to myself “why on Earth would God want me of all people to do this?”.. I was terrified!  I tried to write a script last night over and over, but finally gave up when the right words would not come to me.  Then I got up early this morning and tried again, I thought I had it all done even though I still felt unsure of what I came up with.  I remembered I had left something in the bathroom so I ran in there to get it, as I was rushing I accidentally dropped my script in the toilet :))  So finally I said “ok God I knew I should have listened to you first” then I said a prayer asking that he would give me the words and off I went to church without any notes. I had 2 things In my hand.  I carried a picture of my sponsored children and a 3 x 5 index card which said ” I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength”.  When it was my turn to speak I walked up looked at the crowd, opened my mouth and just started speaking….God gave me the words as I should have known he would… 8 kids were sponsored today:):)

As always he showed me again what can happen if I just let him be in charge.

5 thoughts on “8 Kids

  1. Beverley says:

    The more I read your blog, the more excited I become. It’s as if you are me, I too sponsor a child through compassion in Uganda. It’s 2.27am and I’m engrossed. You are an amazing writer .


      • Beverley says:

        Hi T, he is five now, you know I have been writing since January, and after reading your blog I had to send it to my daughter, she’s 34 now, this was for her to read, she felt that you was reliving my life. Smile. I was so taken aback by your stories that I said to her I have to change the names of my post, as you have several similar titles to mine, she said I should stop reading your blog as it will put me off. That was funny. My reply was we are all on a journey some painful some not. I thoroughly enjoy reading so sorry if I comment to often. I can’t help it. God bless.

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        • T says:

          Beverly hi, I am so humbled that you have taken the time to read so many of my posts and by all your kind comments and likes you have left on them. I still am amazed that people read my blog at all. I only write it because it was something I felt God asked me to do though I don’t always feel comfortable putting my full self out for others to see. but then when I get encouraging comments or find that they helped someone I feel like I guess that is what God was wanting to happen and glad I obeyed. As far as your names on your posts, I say you should keep your names the same because they are named what you felt compelled to name them when you wrote them 😀 Thanks once again and also looking forward to reading more of your journey. Blessings to you!


          • Beverley says:

            Hi Terri, honestly I really identify with you, like you I didn’t think anyone would be interested in my life but I have been through so much, it was something that others have always told me to do. I still find something’s painful and still not sure how much of me I want to lay bare. But I believe that like you I am one of gods chosen ones, I have always felt that there must be a reason for my pain, I still haven’t identified he reasons yet, but I believe I am getting closer. I also believe this is what god wants me to do and if I can get just one person saved as a result then I am happy. When I read your blog it really does give me the hope and determination to continue, what I really find strange is when I am reading it, it’s almost like you are talking about me, your thoughts and ideas. Really strange indeed, but The Lord works in mysterious ways his wonders to perform. I am certain your blog will help others too, even if they don’t say so. Xx


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