Something is Missing from this Statement

jesusThe above picture was from a story book that I was reading to my grandsons tonight. The book went through each Holiday that is celebrated. On each page the author listed a description of each holiday and what is celebrated during that holiday. When we came to Christmas I realized that the author had taken Jesus out of the Christmas Holiday.

My grandsons are age 2 and 4 so they can’t read yet so  I read it to them with Jesus inserted where the author omitted Him.

This really bothers me that a children’s book is stating what sounds like a fact to small children, when the real fact is that this statement is missing the most important part ‘JESUS’ If Jesus is not in Christmas then Christmas would make no sense.


What do you think about this?


16 thoughts on “Something is Missing from this Statement

    • Terri says:

      I guess with the way things are now days with people not wanting to offend people its not to shocking to see Jesus removed from Christmas but it is sad and wrong. Thanks for you comment!

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  1. maryhallrayford says:

    Our society has commercialized Christmas so much that many have forgotten that it is all about Jesus. They would rather purchase and receive gifts than celebrate Jesus as the reason and celebrate the gift He gives us.

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    • Terri says:

      Exactly! I also wonder just how many little children read this book and do not know about Jesus and think Christmas it just about celebrating birth but don’t know who’s birth and why he came 😦


  2. writerwannabe763 says:

    You’re so right.. Now if only all the other copies were revised too…. Maybe their grandmas inserted “Jesus’ too !!!! It’s the same thing with schools and their ‘winter concerts or plays’ and not mentioning Christmas at all Diane

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  3. daleenc says:

    We went to a Christmas concert for one of our neighbors who was singing in it and they didn’t just skip Jesus, they skipped all Christian songs. I guess I can kind of understand why they do it…and I’m guessing that statement right there doesn’t make me very popular but, it was a public school who might have several different beliefs. They didn’t sing our Christian songs but they didn’t sing Hanukkah songs either. Does that even make sense?

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    • Terri says:

      Yes it does make sense but it makes me sad, I remember when my kids were in school and the school decided we could not have Christmas parties anymore. The parents stepped in and got the parties back but then the Christmas party became a snowflake party, the Easter party was a spring party etc…. We had a ‘winter’ program instead of a Christmas program. I just keep thinking that our nation was founded on Christian beliefs, our pledge of allegiance says ‘One Nation Under God’. I find it sad when God is removed from all of the public things. If people chose not to accept him that is their own choice but to remove him from those who do accept him is not right. As far as the book goes the author has a right to write what he wants to write. Those are his beliefs but I don’t have to agree so when I read the book to my grandsons it will have Jesus in it 🙂 . Thanks for you comment!

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      • daleenc says:

        Yes, I do agree. It is sad. At the moment, I was thinking of a person I knew who was almost to church over and over again but then a Christian would come around (and no offense to them, they did it in the best of intentions) and slam unbelievers and the world around us and Christmas and Easter and whatever holiday was close and the person would turn around, leave the building, and take a long time to get her back.

        Yes, I do agree! I totally agree! Like saying prayers at school? That’s totally fine. If you aren’t Christian and don’t want to join in…that’s fine! If you don’t want to go to the ‘Christmas party’ but want to go to the ‘winter party’ that’s fine too! I see what you’re saying. And keep reading that book with Jesus in it! 😀


  4. Beverley says:

    wow, the world is becoming ugly. no point writing a book with Jesus omitted. this is quite annoying but it shows the world is becoming darker as prophesied in LUKE, I had to laugh where you said you inserted JESUS back rightfully so. my goodness i wasnt aware of this. .

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    • Terri says:

      I am a stubborn grandma I guess I will get more stubborn the older I get 🙂 I just love Jesus so much and didn’t like seeing him removed from Christmas. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  5. Freedomborn ... Aussie Christian Focus says:

    Wow T your right on top in my book and you would be surprised just how many People over the years who have told me and some were not practicing Christians that their Grandmother told them about Jesus when they were Children and it was why although those who now don’t go to Church because of being hurt, said they still believe in Him.

    Many have taken Jesus out of Christmas including some Christians who claim it’s Pagan but the time that we celebrate Jesus’ Birth is recorded in Scripture. I prayed about their claims and God impressed on me that it is what is in a persons heart that matters and so after receiving an e-mail about Christmas in a positive light, I added to it as I felt lead , I will leave the link with you but you have read it and commented, so you understand it’s how we view things that is important not what others say and do at Christmas and Easter, such as Pagans and Atheists or Cult members.


    Keep up standing up for God T, your a Blessing – Grannie Annie.

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    • Terri says:

      Thank you Anne, I do remember a lot of things my grandmother taught me, for some reason I never thought about it until now but my Grandmother was someone that I just held on to everything she taught me. I remember staying with her during the summer as a child and going to her church with her. looking back I can see how important it is as a grandmother to instill those things in my own grandchildren that are really important, especially Jesus. Thanks for the link, I went over and I do remember that post, it was very interesting post, and important too. Thanks again!


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