Eye Issues Today

I have a new black spot in my vision today.  I seems like I should be used to this stuff by now but every time I have a new spot I have panic on and off for a few days, until eventually I get used to it and don’t notice it anymore.

I try really hard not to be afraid each time this happens but no matter how hard I try I am still afraid. It’s really hard not to be afraid when there is a black spot flashing and floating around in the way of everything I look at.

Most of the day today I have had panic when peace is what I really wanted more than anything. I kept telling myself that the peace will come and I know it will….it always does.  Just sometimes it takes longer than others.

So now its late and I’m still praying and waiting for the peace to come.

While I’m waiting I will keep leaning on Jesus, trusting He will show me the way out of this fear and to His place of peace once again.

20140419_194442 (2)

Thank you for reading,


The Calm

Lightning moves through the night

Like fingers spreading across the sky

Lighting up the darkness

Thunder rolling in the distance

Wind whispering through the trees

Raindrops fall from the sky

Washing away the dirt

Making everything fresh and new again.

You light up the darkness

calming the thunder

you softly whisper to me

Your living water begins to fall over me

Washing away the dirt

Making me fresh and new again


Written by Terri Siebert Oct 3,2012